Mr Frankie Lim, PJK

A natural born entrepreneur and leader.

Frankie is the founder of two successful growing companies – FranevynsBeaute and LA FAMILLE International.

Frankie is always full of energy and influential towards his career. He started in Malaysia, and slowly spread across other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. Frankie invests most of his time onto beauty and wellbeing industry, focusing on the manufacturing of the raw material; improvement original formulas; brands and products distribution over the beauty industry.

Frankie lives his life to the fullest and always make decision wisely and resolutely. He is an open-minded individual and a risk taker who enjoy different challenges. Beside that, he is also a leader with excellent acumen in business management, building a brand, marketing, business advisor – the integration of resources management and investment.

He truly understand that life is not merely about working hard for a career but giving out to the less fortunate people means a lot more – he who is also an active philanthropist. Frankie is a strong believer of several business philosophy – ‘change is immortal’, ‘your dream would be determine when a great brand is established’, ‘premium products should not only be in top quality but should also be consistent with the humane and ethical’.