Franevyns is a entrepreneurial entity forged out of curiosity, love and passion created by 2 individuals – Frankie and Sharon. At the beginning, it was tough for both of them, from personal sales to OEM. Although it was difficult and necessary to experience the downturn of the business, they never have the intention to forego and give up. The reason is just as simple, which is to help more people to achieve the results of healthy and beautiful skin, especially to resolve Asian women skin issues.

With our strong concept and vision, Franevyns has extended from one small state to whole Malaysia. Today, we are proud to announce that Franevyns has successfully developed to numerous Southeast Asia countries. Franevyns has slowly become a full-fledged entrepreneurial adventure with its sight now set for the ASEAN market.

Over the 20 years, the tremendous development of new technology and generation did not hinder Franevyns from moving forward to make further improvement for skin care benefit. Frankie and Sharon are always optimistic upon their vision. They are innovative and willing to make development in their ingredients and customized formulations to fulfill the demand of Asian skin concerns.

After so many years, Frankie and Sharon are still as passionate as they first started. Theirenthusiasms and efforts never end from expanding this career.